One step further: extending electronic submission into the reviewing process

One step further: extending electronic submission into the reviewing process,10.1145/318372.318558,Christoph Meinel

One step further: extending electronic submission into the reviewing process   (Citations: 1)
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As the focus of our work on electronic publishing, the department for Theoretical Computer Science at the University of Trier has developed methods and prototypical tools for use of the Internet in both kinds of publications since about mid-1994. While transfer of documents as-is can nowadays be considered everyday technology (which it wasn't, for several reasons, in 1994), and proper collection and processing of metadata is at least doable, the areas of mixed-platform document processing and support of the editorial process are still in the research phase. In this paper, we will focus on recent work in the latter area.In one of our projects — the Electronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity (ECCC), operative sind the end of 1994 — the decision process for selection of contributions to include was radically simplified in comparison to traditional journals. As a result, ECCC has a guaranteed limit on the delay between submission and decision of two months; many electronic journals use the same decision mechanism as paper journals, and suffer the same delays of sometimes over a year because of the time spent for communication between reviewers and editors.This approach could not be used, however, in the tools we developed for electronic conference submission. Conferences have established modi operandi, usually involving distribution of the submissions for reviewing down several hierarchical levels and an actual meeting of the editors (program committee, PC) for the final decision. As a consequence, the first tools we presented did not address the decision process at all, which left a large procedural hole between the actual electronic submission and the later support of final version submission and conference attendance. In 1999, we performed electronic submissions to the Symposium on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (STACS), and since the conference was hosted in Trier, we were able to “co-develop” certain changes in the decision process and a software implementing support for the entire process. The software performed well and demonstrated the anticipated advantages, the most memorable being publication of the list of accepted papers — formerly taking place up to a week after the PC meeting — while the assembled PC members watched.
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