MIXS on BepiColombo and its DEPFET based focal plane instrumentation

MIXS on BepiColombo and its DEPFET based focal plane instrumentation,10.1016/j.nima.2010.03.173,Nuclear Instruments & Methods in Physics Research Sect

MIXS on BepiColombo and its DEPFET based focal plane instrumentation  
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J. Treis, L. Andricek, F. Aschauer, K. Heinzinger, S. Herrmann, M. Hilchenbach, T. Lauf, P. Lechner, G. Lutz, P. Majewski, M. Porro, R. H. Richter
Focal plane instrumentation based on DEPFET Macropixel devices, being a combination of the Detector–Amplifier structure DEPFET with a silicon drift chamber (SDD), has been proposed for the MIXS (Mercury Imaging X-ray Spectrometer) instrument on ESA's Mercury exploration mission BepiColombo. MIXS images X-ray fluorescent radiation from the Mercury surface with a lightweight X-ray mirror system on the focal plane detector to measure the spatially resolved element abundance in Mercury's crust. The sensor needs to have an energy resolution better than 200eV FWHM at 1keV and is required to cover an energy range from 0.5 to 10keV, for a pixel size of 300×300μm2. Main challenges for the instrument are radiation damage and the difficult thermal environment in the mercury orbit. The production of the first batch of flight devices has been finished at the MPI semiconductor laboratory. Prototype modules have been assembled to verify the electrical properties of the devices; selected results are presented here. The prototype devices, Macropixel prototypes for the SIMBOL-X focal plane, are electrically fully compatible, but have a pixel size of 0.5×0.5mm2. Excellent homogeneity and near Fano-limited energy resolution at high readout speeds have been observed on these devices.
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