Linking fluorescence measurements to radiometric units

Linking fluorescence measurements to radiometric units,10.1088/0026-1394/43/2/S18,Metrologia,C. Monte,U. Resch-Genger,D. Pfeifer,D. R. Taubert,J. Holl

Linking fluorescence measurements to radiometric units   (Citations: 2)
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A general concept is presented to realize the traceability of fluorescence measurements to radiometric units based on a combination of suited physical and chemical transfer standards and a reference fluorometer as a linking unit. The standards comprise a newly designed spectral radiance transfer standard more closely adapted to the spectral radiance of typical fluorescent samples than conventional standard lamps and a set of easy-to-operate spectral fluorescence standards consisting of organic dyes. An example is given as to how the comparability of fluorescence spectra across instruments can be improved. Finally, the design and the calibration scheme of a new reference fluorometer is presented which is designed for the performance of relative and absolute fluorescence measurements with minimum uncertainty.
Journal: Metrologia , vol. 43, no. 2, pp. 89-S93, 2006
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    • ...As a first step towards simple and multifunctional calibration tools for fluorescence instruments that link luminescence measurements to radiometric units [7], we developed the Calibration Kit Spectral Fluorescence Standards BAM-F001–BAM-F005 including the software LINKCORR [8]...
    • ... to recently published criteria discussed in the following section [8], the most important prerequisites for the reliability of spectral fluorescence standards, however, are the precise and traceable measurement of their corrected emission spectra with a reported uncertainty and a properly characterized instrument and the characterization of their calibration-relevant properties according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO Guides 34 and 35 [7, 8]. ...

    D. Pfeiferet al. The Calibration Kit Spectral Fluorescence Standards— A Simple and Ce...

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