Memristor Applications for Programmable Analog ICs

Memristor Applications for Programmable Analog ICs,10.1109/TNANO.2009.2038610,IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology,Sangho Shin,Kyungmin Kim

Memristor Applications for Programmable Analog ICs   (Citations: 5)
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This paper demonstrates that memristors can be used to implement programmable analog circuits, leveraging mem- ristor's fine-resolution programmable resistance without causing perturbations due to parasitic components. Fine-resolution pro- grammable resistance is achieved by varying the amount of flux across memristors. The resistance programming can be achieved by controlling the input pulsewidth and its frequency. For demon- stration, a memristor is designed for a pulse-programmable mid- band differential gain amplifier with fine resolution. Index Terms—Memductor, memristive system, memristor, pro- grammable gain amplifier, programmable resistor.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology - IEEE TRANS NANOTECHNOL , vol. 10, no. 2, pp. 266-274, 2011
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