Devices and Input Vectors are Shaping von Neumann Multiplexing

Devices and Input Vectors are Shaping von Neumann Multiplexing,10.1109/TNANO.2010.2059036,IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology,Valeriu Beiu,Walid Ibrah

Devices and Input Vectors are Shaping von Neumann Multiplexing   (Citations: 2)
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This paper starts by reviewing many of the gate-level reliability analyses of von Neumann multiplexing (vN-MUX). It goes on to detail very accurate device-level (CMOS technology specific) analyses of vN-MUX with respect to threshold voltage variations, taking into account both the gates' topology as well as the input vectors. Such results are essential for a clear understand- ing of vN-MUX when considering the unreliable behavior of future nanodevices. These analyses should change the "view from the top" as revealing a different picture from the well-known gate-level the- oretical and simulation results. The findings presented here are also able to explain certain apparently abnormal behaviors of vN-MUX reported based on Monte Carlo simulations, and should have im- plications for the appraisal and the design of future fault-tolerant nanoarchitectures.
Journal: IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology - IEEE TRANS NANOTECHNOL , vol. 10, no. 3, pp. 606-616, 2011
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    • ...devices play on von Neumann multiplexing [42] (at very low redundancy factors), and on several full adder cells [43]...

    Walid Ibrahimet al. Using Bayesian Networks to Accurately Calculate the Reliability of Com...

    • ...In [25] we have used for the first time an analytical device­ level approach to study in details the effects vN-MUX schemes at the minimum RF play on enhancing reliability over the NAND-2 and MAJ-3 elementary gates...
    • ...Although a wealth of papers reporting performance analyses of vN-MUX have been published [26]-[34], the analysis in [25] was the first one to consider the devices' probabilities of failure (PF DEV), the gates' topologies, and the input vectors to accurately analyze the performance of vN-MUX schemes...
    • ...The simulation results reported in [25] have shown that MAJ-3 vN-MUX at RF = 6 outperforms NAND-2 vN-MUX at RF = 9 by a reliability improvement index (RII, see eq. (9) later) of only 2, i.e., MAJ- 3 vN-MUX is only twice more reliable than NAND-2 vN­ MUX at the minimum RF•...

    Walid Ibrahimet al. On NOR2 von Neumann multiplexing

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