Classicalization via Path Integral

Classicalization via Path Integral,Borut Bajc,Arshad Momen,Goran Senjanovic

Classicalization via Path Integral  
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Recently, it was suggested that a large class of non-renormalizable theories may need no UV completion. By analogy with gravity where classical black holes are expected to be created in high-energy scatterings, it is conjectured that similar classical solutions, so-called classicalons, should occur. In this way the theory protects itself against non-unitarity, for instead of probing small distances at high energies one enters a classical regime. An effective theory of Goldstone bosons provides and example in which the size of classicalons grows with energy, and the high energy scattering is cut-off by small momenta, inversely proportional to the classicalon size. In this note we offer an alternative, path integral discussion of this important result.
Published in 2011.
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