New near horizon limit in Kerr/CFT

New near horizon limit in Kerr/CFT,10.1007/JHEP12(2010)073,Journal of High Energy Physics,Yoshinori Matsuo,Tatsuma Nishioka

New near horizon limit in Kerr/CFT   (Citations: 3)
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The extremal Kerr black hole with the angular momentum J is conjectured to be dual to CFT with central charges c L = c R = 12J. However, the central charge in the right sector remains to be explicitly derived so far. In order to investigate this issue, we introduce new near horizon limits of (near) extremal Kerr and five-dimensional Myers-Perry black holes. We obtain Virasoro algebras as asymptotic symmetries and calculate the central charges associated with them. One of them is equivalent to that of the previous studies, and the other is non-zero, but still the order of near extremal parameter. Redefining the algebras to take the standard form, we obtain a finite value as expected by the Kerr/CFT correspondence.
Journal: Journal of High Energy Physics - J HIGH ENERGY PHYS , vol. 2010, no. 12, pp. 1-24, 2010
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