Improving PPM Algorithm Using Dictionaries

Improving PPM Algorithm Using Dictionaries,10.1109/DCC.2011.63,Yichuan Hu,Farooq Khan,Ying Li

Improving PPM Algorithm Using Dictionaries   (Citations: 1)
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We propose a method to improve traditional character-based PPM text compression algorithms. Consider a text file as a sequence of alternating words and non-words, the basic idea of our algorithm is to encode non-words and prefixes of words using character-based context models and encode suffixes of words using dictionary models. By using dictionary models, the algorithm can encode multiple characters as a whole, and thus enhance the compression efficiency. The advantages of the proposed algorithm are: 1) it does not require any text preprocessing; 2) it does not need any explicit codeword to identify switch between context and dictionary models; 3) it can be applied to any character-based PPM algorithms without incurring much additional computational cost. Test results show that significant improvements can be obtained over character-based PPM, especially in low order cases.
Conference: Data Compression Conference - DCC , pp. 459-459, 2011
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    • ...Decoding algorithm also involves three states, but is not presented here due to limited space. Readers please refer to [3]...
    • ...For detailed test results as well as complexity analysis, please refer to [3]...

    Yichuan Huet al. Improving PPM Algorithm Using Dictionaries

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