How ordinary elimination became Gaussian elimination

How ordinary elimination became Gaussian elimination,10.1016/,Historia Mathematica,Joseph F. Grcar

How ordinary elimination became Gaussian elimination   (Citations: 1)
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Newton, in notes that he would rather not have seen published, described a process for solving simultaneous equations that later authors applied specifically to linear equations. This method — which Euler did not recommend, which Legendre called “ordinary,” and which Gauss called “common” — is now named after Gauss: “Gaussian” elimination. Gauss’s name became associated with elimination through the adoption, by professional computers, of a specialized notation that Gauss devised for his own least-squares calculations. The notation allowed elimination to be viewed as a sequence of arithmetic operations that were repeatedly optimized for hand computing and eventually were described by matrices.
Journal: Historia Mathematica - HIST MATH , vol. 38, no. 2, pp. 163-218, 2011
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