The Evolution and Development of the Universe

The Evolution and Development of the Universe,Clement Vidal,Charles Auffray,Alex H. Blin,Jean Chaline,Louis Crane,Thomas Durt,Borje Ekstig,Horace Fair

The Evolution and Development of the Universe   (Citations: 1)
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Clement Vidal, Charles Auffray, Alex H. Blin, Jean Chaline, Louis Crane, Thomas Durt, Borje Ekstig, Horace Fairlamb, Jan Greben, Rob Hengeveld, Francis Heylighen, Gerard Jagers op Akkerhuis
This document is the Special Issue of the First International Conference on the Evolution and Development of the Universe (EDU 2008). Please refer to the preface and introduction for more details on the contributions. Keywords: acceleration, artificial cosmogenesis, artificial life, Big Bang, Big History, biological evolution, biological universe, biology, causality, classical vacuum energy, complex systems, complexity, computational universe, conscious evolution, cosmological artificial selection, cosmological natural selection, cosmology, critique, cultural evolution, dark energy, dark matter, development of the universe, development, emergence, evolution of the universe evolution, exobiology, extinction, fine-tuning, fractal space-time, fractal, information, initial conditions, intentional evolution, linear expansion of the universe, log-periodic laws, macroevolution, materialism, meduso-anthropic principle, multiple worlds, natural sciences, Nature, ontology, order, origin of the universe, particle hierarchy, philosophy, physical constants, quantum darwinism, reduction, role of intelligent life, scale relativity, scientific evolution, self-organization, speciation, specification hierarchy, thermodynamics, time, universe, vagueness.
Published in 2009.
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