Volumetric object modeling for surgical simulation

Volumetric object modeling for surgical simulation,Sarah Gibson,Christina Fyock,Eric Grimson,Takeo Kanade,Ron Kikinis,Hugh Lauer,Neil McKenzie,Andrew

Volumetric object modeling for surgical simulation   (Citations: 33)
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Sarah Gibson, Christina Fyock, Eric Grimson, Takeo Kanade, Ron Kikinis, Hugh Lauer, Neil McKenzie, Andrew Mor, Shin Nakajima, Hide Ohkami, Randy Osborne, Joseph Samosky
Surgical simulation has many applications in medical education, surgical training, surgical plan- ning and intra-operative assistance. However, extending current surface-based computer graphics methods to model phenomena such as the deformation, cutting, tearing or repairing of soft tissues poses significant challenges for real-time interactions. This paper discusses the use of volumetric methods for modeling complex anatomy and tissue interactions. New techniques are introduced that use volumetric methods for modeling soft-tissue deformation and tissue cutting at interactive rates. An initial prototype for simulating arthroscopic knee surgery is described which uses volumetric models of the knee derived from 3-D magnetic resonance imaging, visual feedback via real-time volume and polygon rendering, and haptic feedback provided by a force-feedback device.
Published in 1997.
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