Role of novel targeted therapies in the clinic

Role of novel targeted therapies in the clinic,10.1038/sj.bjc.6602605,British Journal of Cancer,R S Herbst

Role of novel targeted therapies in the clinic   (Citations: 5)
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The number and variety of novel, molecular-targeted agents offers realistic hope for significant advances in cancer treatment. The potential of these new treatment approaches is unquestionable, but the reality is something that only thorough clinical evaluation and experience can reveal. Clinical experience of targeted therapies is at an early stage but it is likely that we will have an increasing number of treatment options available to us in the near future. This manuscript explores our current understanding of molecular-targeted therapies and considers: What approach should be used? (single vs multitarget agents); When should they be administered? (identifying the optimal point for intervention); How should they be used? (monotherapy or combination therapy regimens); and Who should we be giving them to? (acknowledging the need for patient selection).
Journal: British Journal of Cancer - BRIT J CANCER , vol. 92, no. S1, pp. S21-S27, 2005
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