Correlated MIMO channel capacity

Correlated MIMO channel capacity,10.1109/ACSSC.2003.1292095,T. Ratnarajah,R. Vaillancourt

Correlated MIMO channel capacity   (Citations: 1)
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In this paper, the correlated multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel capacity is studied by using the eigenvalue densities of complex central Wishart matrices. These densities are represented by complex hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments, which can be expressed in terms of complex zonal polynomials. We derive a close form ergodic capacity formula for correlated MIMO channels. It is shown how the channel correlation degrades the capacity of the communication system.
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    • ...T �� can be viewed as the covariance matrix at the transmitter and R ��can be viewed as the covariance matrix at the receiver [8]...
    • ...The channel matrix for the l-th tap is given as [8]...
    • ...From (6), the exact capacity expressions have been gotten for the semi-correlated and independent case in [8]...

    Guoliang Shenet al. On the Capacity of MIMO-OFDM Systems with Doubly Correlated Channels

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