Arterial Occlusion Complicating Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer: A Case Series

Arterial Occlusion Complicating Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer: A Case Series,10.1006/gyno.1996.0275,Gynecologic Oncology,Charles Levenback,Thomas W.

Arterial Occlusion Complicating Treatment of Gynecologic Cancer: A Case Series   (Citations: 7)
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The objective in this paper is to describe the severity and outcome of arterial occlusion complicating treatment of women with gynecologic cancer. A series of six patients who underwent amputation were identified. Acute arterial occlusions were seen in three patients. One patient suffered extensive thrombosis of the hand and wrist resulting in amputation 3 weeks after cytoreductive surgery and chemotherapy for Fallopian tube cancer. She had a history of pulmonary embolism and deep-vein thrombosis. This patient was thought to have thrombophilia. One elderly patient with known arteriosclerosis developed sepsis following radical deep excision and groin dissection for vulvar cancer and lost two digits presumably due to microemboli. One patients developed thrombosis of the femoral artery on the second day following cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer. She responded to anticoagulation therapy; however, necrosis remained in portions of the heel and toes. Three patients underwent amputation of a lower extremity when they developed chronic arterial insufficiency after pelvic radiotherapy. The patients were irradiated at the ages of 28, 30, and 35 years for cervix cancer in two patients and a low-grade retroperitoneal sarcoma in one patient. Two received neutron beam therapy and one received conventional photon beam therapy. All three had extensive late radiation morbidity to the bladder and rectum and had multiple prior surgeries. The amputations occurred at the ages of 48, 48, and 55 due to accelerated arteriosclerosis. Two patients died as a result of this complication. Acute and chronic arterial occlusions are rare yet dramatic complications of therapy for gynecologic cancer. This series illustrates the predisposing factors, presentation, and management of these unusual events.
Journal: Gynecologic Oncology - GYNECOL ONCOL , vol. 63, no. 1, pp. 40-46, 1996
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