Carob pulp preparation for treatment of hypercholesterolemia

Carob pulp preparation for treatment of hypercholesterolemia,10.1007/BF02853169,Advances in Therapy,H. J. F. Zunft,W. Lüder,A. Harde,B. Haber,H.-J. Gr

Carob pulp preparation for treatment of hypercholesterolemia   (Citations: 7)
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The lipid-lowering effect of a carob pulp preparation rich in insoluble dietary fiber and polyphenols was investigated in a noncomparative, open-label pilot study. Over 8 weeks, 47 volunteers with moderate hypercholesterolemia (total cholesterol 232–302 mg/dL) consumed 15 g of carob per day in three products (breakfast cereal, fruit muesli bar, powdered drink) as a supplement to their regular diet. After 4 weeks, reductions of 7.1% in mean total cholesterol and 10.6% in LDL cholesterol were noted; respective decreases after 6 weeks were 7.8% and 12.2% (all P<.001). HDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels remained unchanged. Overall compliance was good. Only 3 volunteers (6%) reported a sensation of fullness, which led to 2 of the 3 dropouts. The carob preparation may have value in the dietary treatment of hypercholesterolemia.
Journal: Advances in Therapy - ADVAN THER , vol. 18, no. 5, pp. 230-236, 2001
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    • ...The carob tree fruit has a high content of insoluble dietary fibre and polyphenols (tannins) and is supposed to have beneficial effects on human health [21]...
    • ...In a one-arm clinical pilot study a carob pulp preparation (carob fibre) indicated to be effective in reducing serum total and LDL cholesterol concentrations in human beings [21]...
    • ...These reductions are of clinical relevance [27] and support the findings of a recent pilot study [21]...
    • ...In human beings a non-controlled one-arm study showed a remarkable fall of blood total and LDL cholesterol levels after administration of food products containing carob fibre preparations isolated from carob pulp [21]...

    H. J. F. Zunftet al. Carob pulp preparation rich in insoluble fibre lowers total and LDL ch...

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