Chronic pain in torture survivors

Chronic pain in torture survivors,10.1016/S0379-0738(99)00209-1,Forensic Science International,Annemarie B Thomsen,Jørgen Eriksen,Knud Smidt-Nielsen

Chronic pain in torture survivors   (Citations: 18)
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According to Amnesty International government-sanctioned torture is verified in one third of the countries in the world. The physical and psychological sequelae are numerous. This study focuses on pain diagnosis, characterising pain types as nociceptive, visceral or neuropathic. Torture victims from the Middle East, treated at the Rehabilitation and Research Centre for Torture Victims (RCT) in Copenhagen, participated in the study. The patients were referred to a pain specialist for evaluation of unsolved pain problems. Eighteen male torture victims were examined. Twelve patients experienced pain at more than three locations. Nociceptive and neuropathic pain were demonstrated in all patients. Specific neuropathic pain conditions were related to the following four types of physical torture: Palestinian hanging, falanga, beating and kicking of the head, and positional torture. When treating torture victims, it is important to know about torture methods, to think differently than normal on etiological and pathogenetic factors and always consider the presence of neuropathic pain.
Journal: Forensic Science International - FORENSIC SCI INT , vol. 108, no. 3, pp. 155-163, 2000
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    • ...Chest or thoracic pain ranged from 19% [22] to 37% [23], joint pain from 17% [24] to 43% [25], foot pain from 28% [25] to 72% [26], and pelvic pain 17% [19]...
    • ...Thomsen et al. [26] studied common torture methods used on 18 Middle Eastern victims and concluded that each particular method of torture had an associated corresponding painful neuropathy...

    Adam J. Carinciet al. Chronic Pain in Torture Victims

    • ...In 1996, Amnesty International estimated that government-sanctioned torture was occurring in one third of all of the countries in the world (Thomsen, Eriksen, & Smidt-Nielsen, 2000)...
    • ...Types of physical assault include, but are not limited to, beatings, sexual assault and rape, electric shock, burning, forced standing, hanging by the wrists, asphyxiation, not being allowed to use the bathroom or clean one’s body (i.e., hygiene deprivation), and exposure to bright light (Basoglu et al., 1994; Holtz, 1998; Thomsen et al., 2000; Weinstein et al., 1996)...

    Joshua B. Hoobermanet al. Classifying the Torture Experiences of Refugees Living in the United S...

    • ...In a descriptive study of 18 torture survivors (26), 1/3 of the examined persons had been exposed to asphyxia/submersion, and they reported pain in the head, the low back and the lower limbs...

    Dorte Reff Olsenet al. Prevalent pain and pain level among torture survivors

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