Recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma: salvage therapy with bevacizumab

Recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma: salvage therapy with bevacizumab,10.1007/s11060-010-0330-6,Journal of Neuro-oncology,Marc C. ChamberlainSandra,San

Recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma: salvage therapy with bevacizumab   (Citations: 1)
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Primary spinal cord tumors constitute 2–4% of all primary central nervous system malignancies in adults of which less than 5% are glioblastoma. A retrospective evaluation to determine toxicity and response to bevacizumab in patients with recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma. Six patients (4 males; 2 females: median age 34 years) with recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma were treated with bevacizumab (10 mg/kg given once every 2 weeks wherein 2 treatments constituted a cycle of therapy). All patients had failed surgery and temozolomide-based chemoradiotherapy and post-radiotherapy temozolomide. Blood counts, chemistry panel, urine protein to creatinine ratio and neurologic examination were obtained bi-weekly. Contrast-enhanced spine MRI was performed after one cycle of therapy and thereafter following every two cycles of bevacizumab. Treatment-related complications included fatigue in six patients, constipation in 4, hypertension in 2, venous thrombosis in 2, and infection without neutropenia in 2. There were three grade 3 toxicities (1 each fatigue, leukopenia and venous thrombosis). There were no treatment-related deaths. After one cycle of bevacizumab, one patient (17%) demonstrated progressive disease, 2 (34%) partial responses and three (51%) stable disease. Overall median response or stable disease duration (disease free progression) was 7 months (range 3–11 months). Overall median survival was 9 months (range of 5–13 months). Bevacizumab is well tolerated, has tolerable toxicity and apparent activity in this small cohort of adults with recurrent spinal cord glioblastoma.
Journal: Journal of Neuro-oncology - J NEURO-ONCOL , vol. 102, no. 3, pp. 427-432, 2011
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