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Imaging findings of sternal abnormalities

Imaging findings of sternal abnormalities,10.1007/s003300050190,European Radiology,T. Franquet,A. Giménez,X. Alegret,E. Sanchis,A. Rivas

Imaging findings of sternal abnormalities   (Citations: 4)
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.   Radiographic findings in the sternal abnormalities are often nonspecific, showing appearances from a localized benign lesion to an aggressive lesion as seen with infections and malignant neoplasms. A specific diagnosis of sternal abnormalities can be suggested on the basis of CT and MR characteristics. Familiarity with the presentation and variable appearance of sternal abnormalities may aid the radiologist is suggesting a specific diagnosis. We present among others characteristic radiographic findings of hemangioma, chondrosarcoma, hydatid disease, and SAPHO syndrome. In those cases in which findings are not specific, cross-sectional imaging modalities may help the clinician in their management.
Journal: European Radiology - EUROPEAN RADIOL , vol. 7, no. 4, pp. 492-497, 1997
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