Vascular involvement secondary to tuberculosis of the abdomen

Vascular involvement secondary to tuberculosis of the abdomen,10.1007/s00261-005-0335-3,Abdominal Imaging,A. I. De Backer,K. J. Mortelé,B. L. De Keule

Vascular involvement secondary to tuberculosis of the abdomen   (Citations: 1)
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Although involvement of the abdomen is a common site of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, involvement of abdominal vessels with complications is rare after infections with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (M. tuberculosis). Vascular complications may result from direct involvement by M. tuberculosis of the vascular wall or may occur as a consequence of local spreading from a tuberculous mass. We describe the imaging findings in two patients with proven tuberculosis of the abdomen and significant vascular complications. In one patient, “dry plastic” peritonitis and tuberculous lymphadenopathy at the level of the porta hepatis with subsequent encasement and compression of the portal vein resulted in prestenotic dilatation and varicose formation in the upper abdomen. In the other patient, bulky necrotic tuberculous lymphadenopathy, located at the splenic hilum, resulted in encasement with stenosis of the splenic vessels and subsequent splenic infarction.
Journal: Abdominal Imaging - ABDOM IMAGING , vol. 30, no. 6, pp. 714-718, 2005
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