HIV1 gp41 and type I interferon

HIV1 gp41 and type I interferon,10.1385/IR:22:1:61,Immunologic Research,Ying-Hua Chen,Yi Xiao,Manfred P. Dierich

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HIV-1 gp41-like human type I interferon (IFN) could inhibit lymphocyte proliferation and up-modulate MHC class I and II and ICAM-1 molecule expression. Sequence comparison indicates that asimil are pitope RILAV-YLKD exists between N-domain of gp41 and two regions in IFN-α (aa29–35 and 113–129), IFN-β (aa31–37 and 125–138) and IFN-ω(aa29–35 and 123–136), which was shown to form IFN-α/β-receptor binding site. Weak sequence similarity was also found to exist in both regionson gp41 and type I IFN of murine and bovine. Experimental studies, indicated that acommon immunological epitope exists between gp41 and IFN-α and β. Antibodies sagainst human IFN-α and-β recognized the common immunological epitope and inhibited gp41-binding to the potential cellular receptor protein p45. Moreover, the polyclonal antibody to IFN-β completely inhibited gp41-binding to human T, B cells and monocytic cells, while IFN-α could only inhibit this binding incompletely. It was interestingly observed that human IFN-β after preincubating with cells could incompletely inhibit the binding of gp41 to human B cells and monocytic cells, and very weakly inhibit the binding to human T cells, indicating, that the receptor for IFN-β-binding may be, involved in, gp41 binding. This potential relationship may be based on the amino acid sequence homology in the receptor binding region between gp41 and IFN-β. It was observed that the increased levels of antibodies againsthuman IFN-α and-β exist in HIV-1-infected individuals and are associated with the common epitope on gp41. Besides, several studies provided experimental evidence that the common immunological epitope could induce protective activity against HIV-1. The IFN-α-based vaccine has showed a significant reduction of disease progression in IFN-α-vaccine-treated HIV-infected patients. Recent experimental evidence indicates that gp41 and IFN-β were involved in downregulation of CCR5 expression and induction of cells activation or signal transduction. Whe ther it may be performed by a similar mechanism, is still to be investigated.
Journal: Immunologic Research - IMMUNOL RES , vol. 22, no. 1, pp. 61-66, 2000
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