Stem cells on the way to restorative medicine

Stem cells on the way to restorative medicine,10.1016/S0165-2478(02)00065-2,Immunology Letters,Robert Keller

Stem cells on the way to restorative medicine   (Citations: 9)
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Stem cells are defined by their nique properties of self-renewal and multilineage differentiation. Several decades ago, cells with such developmental plasticity have been identified in the embryo and in the bone marrow of the adult; in other organs, such cells could not be demonstrated. Here, recent findings are briefly summarized indicating that the elementary stem cell capabilities are retained by a limited number of cells present in many organs of the adult. Other data suggest that, on response to another microenvironment, ‘rgan-specific’ stem cells are able to acquire differrent fates. If confirmed these findings will have considerable impact on the future of clinical stem cell therapy.
Journal: Immunology Letters - IMMUNOL LETT , vol. 83, no. 1, pp. 1-12, 2002
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