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ATP in neuron–glia bidirectional signalling

ATP in neuron–glia bidirectional signalling,10.1016/j.brainresrev.2010.04.007,Brain Research Reviews,Claudia Verderio,Michela Matteoli

ATP in neuron–glia bidirectional signalling   (Citations: 2)
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ATP accomplishes important roles in brain, where it functions as neurotransmitter or co-transmitter, being stored and released either as single mediator or together with other neuromodulators. In the last years, the purinergic system has emerged as the most relevant mechanism for intercellular signalling in the nervous system, affecting communication between many types of neurons and all types of glia. In this review, we will focus on recently reported data which describe the role of ATP in bidirectional signalling between neurons and different populations of glial cells, in both peripheral and central system.
Journal: Brain Research Reviews - BRAIN RES REV , vol. 66, no. 1, pp. 106-114, 2011
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