Investigation on recombinant hirudin via oral route

Investigation on recombinant hirudin via oral route,10.1016/j.peptides.2005.08.015,Peptides,Xiaodong Cen,Jianquan Ni,Taochao Tan,Xia Liu,Changling Li,

Investigation on recombinant hirudin via oral route   (Citations: 3)
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The possibility for oral administration of peptide recombinant hirudin variant (rHV2-K47) as an anticoagulant agent was evaluated in several aspects. The proteolytic properties of rHV2-K47 and its stability during storage were examined by in vitro experiments. Radiolabeled rHV2-K47 was infused into the duodenum of rats and rHV2-K47 absorbed into serum was shown to be intact by electrophoresis pattern. The in vivo coagulation time of blood from mouse was prolonged significantly after oral administration of rHV2-K47. The bioavailability (F) of rHV2-K47 via oral route reached 10.11% in comparison with intravenous administration as gold standard. All the results suggested that rHV2-K47 could be delivered successfully via the oral route.
Journal: Peptides , vol. 27, no. 4, pp. 836-840, 2006
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