On money and output: Is money redundant?

On money and output: Is money redundant?,10.1016/j.jmoneco.2005.06.004,Journal of Monetary Economics,R. W. Hafer,Joseph H. Haslag,Garett Jones

On money and output: Is money redundant?   (Citations: 14)
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There is an emerging consensus that money can be largely ignored in making monetary policy decisions. Rudebusch and Svensson [1999, Policy Rules and Inflation Targeting. In Taylor, J.B. (Ed.), Monetary Policy Rules. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 203–246; 2002, Eurosystem Monetary Targeting: Lessons from US Data. European Economic Review 46, 417–442] provide some empirical support for this view. We reconsider the role of money and find that money is not redundant. More specifically, there is a significant statistical relationship between lagged values of money and the output gap, even when lagged values of real interest rates and lagged values of the output gap are accounted for. We also find that inside and outside money provide significant information in predicting movements in the output gap.
Journal: Journal of Monetary Economics - J MONETARY ECON , vol. 54, no. 3, pp. 945-954, 2007
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