View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes

View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes,10.1145/258734.258843,Hugues Hoppe

View-dependent refinement of progressive meshes   (Citations: 612)
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Level-of-detail (LOD) representations are an important tool for realtime rendering of complex geometric environments. The previously introduced progressive mesh representation defines for an arbitrary triangle mesh a sequence of approximating meshes optimized for view-independent LOD. In this paper, we introduce a framework for selectively refining an arbitrary progressive mesh according to changing view parameters. We define efficient refinement criteria based on the view frustum, surface orientation, and screen-space geometric error, and develop a real-time algorithmfor incrementally refining and coarsening the mesh according to these criteria. The algorithm exploits view coherence, supports frame rate regulation,and is found to require less than 15% of total frame time on a graphics workstation. Moreover, for continuous motions this work can be amortized over consecutive frames. In addition, smooth visual transitions (geomorphs) can be constructed between any two selectively refined meshes.A number of previous schemes create view-dependent LOD meshes for height fields (e.g. terrains) and parametric surfaces (e.g.NURBS). Our framework also performs well for these special cases.Notably, the absence of a rigid subdivision structure allows more accurate approximations than with existing schemes. We include results for these cases as well as for general meshes.
Conference: Annual Conference on Computer Graphics - SIGGRAPH , pp. 189-198, 1997
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