Psychosocial Variables of Sexual Satisfaction in Chile

Psychosocial Variables of Sexual Satisfaction in Chile,10.1080/00926230600834695,Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy,Jaime E. Barrientos,Dario Páez

Psychosocial Variables of Sexual Satisfaction in Chile   (Citations: 10)
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This study analyzed psychosocial variables of sexual satisfaction in Chile using data from the COSECON survey. Participants were 5,407 subjects (2,244 min and 3,163 women, aged 18–69 years). We used a cross-sectional questionnaire with a national probability sample. Data were collected using a thorough sexual behavior questionnaire consisting of 190 face-to-face questions and 24 self-reported questions. A single item included in the COSECON questionnaire assessed sexual satisfaction. Results showed that high education level, marital status, and high socioeconomic levels were associated with sexual satisfaction in women but not in men. The results also showed important gender differences and sustain the idea that sexuality changes may be more present in middle and high social classes. The proximal variables typically used for measuring sexual satisfaction, such as the frequency of sexual intercourse and orgasm, showed a positive but smaller association with sexual satisfaction. Other important variables related to sexual satisfaction were being in love with the partner and having a steady partner. The results confirmed previous findings and are discussed in the frame of approaches like the exchange, equity, and sexual scripts theories.
Journal: Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy - J SEX MAR THER , vol. 32, no. 5, pp. 351-368, 2006
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