Testicular Biopsy Score Count – A Method for Registration of Spermatogenesis in Human Testes: Normal Values and Results in 335 Hypogonadal Males

Testicular Biopsy Score Count – A Method for Registration of Spermatogenesis in Human Testes: Normal Values and Results in 335 Hypogonadal Males,10.11

Testicular Biopsy Score Count – A Method for Registration of Spermatogenesis in Human Testes: Normal Values and Results in 335 Hypogonadal Males   (Citations: 277)
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The paper describes a new and rapid method forregistration of spermatogenesis in human testes: the testicular biopsy score count. Each tubular section is given a score from 10 to 1 according to presence or absence of the main cell types arranged in the order of maturity. Presence of spermatozoa scores 10, 9 or 8; spermatids (and no further) 7 or 6; spermatocytes (and no further) 5 or 4; only spermatogonia 3, only Sertoli cells 2 and no cells 1. The theoretical background of the score count method is discussed and it is emphasized that tissue heterogeneity, being a main point in most conditions, is exposed and evaluated by the method. Normal values are given and results obtained in 335 cases including a great variety of forms of male hypogonadism are presented. Patognomonic score counts leading to immediate diagnosis at a glance are obtained in many instances. A high correlation between testicular biopsy score count and sperm count is found and it is concluded that by this method it has for the first time become possible in man to correlate endocrine conditions with the functional state of the testicular tissue.Copyright © 970_ S. Karger AG, Basel
Journal: Hormone Research - HORM RES , vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 2-25, 1970
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    • ...Against this background we opted to compare the gene expression of survivin and evaluate its biological significance in vasectomy-induced apoptotic germ cell death in a rabbit model. We also aimed to establish whether there is a correlation between the gene expression of survivin, Bax and Bcl-2 and impaired spermatogenesis 6 months after vasectomy.Materials and MethodsExperimental Animal ModelSix- to twelve-month-old New Zealand White rabbits were used. They were cared for according to the guidelines of the Kuwait University Animal Research Center. All experiments were performed under anesthesia using intravenous ketamine and xyalzine mixture (Sigma-Aldrich Co. Ltd., Pool, Dorset, UK). Three animal groups (4 animals/group) were studied: group A animals (sham, control group) were subjected to left scrotal incisions with exposure of the testis and the wounds were closed using 3/0 chromic catgut (CCG) suture (Ethicon Ltd., Edinburgh, UK). Group B animals underwent unilateral vasectomy whereby 4 cm of the left vas deferens was excised and the ends of the vas were tied with 3/0 silk sutures. The wound was closed with 3/0 CCG suture. Group C animals had a bilateral vasectomy during which 4 cm of the vas deferens (left and right) was excised and the ends were tied with 3/0 silk sutures. The wounds were closed with 3/0 CCG suture. The right testis served as a positive internal control in animals in groups A and B. Six months after vasectomy, the two testes were excised under anesthesia. The harvested testis was divided into four equal parts and each quarter used as follows: assessment of testicular histology using Johnsen’s score, TUNEL assay, gene expression measurement and evaluation of DNA fragmentation.Histological ExaminationThe mean testicular biopsy score (Johnsen score) was used to assess morphological damage of testicular tissue caused by vasectomy using hematoxylin and eosin staining [...

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