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Instant code clone search,10.1145/1882291.1882317,Mu-Woong Lee,Jong-Won Roh,Seung-won Hwang,Sunghun Kim

Instant code clone search   (Citations: 2)
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In this paper, we propose a scalable instant code clone search engine for large-scale software repositories. While there are commercial code search engines available, they treat software as text and often fail to find semantically related code. Meanwhile, existing tools for semantic code clone searches take a "post-mortem" approach involving the detection of clones "after" the code development is completed, and hence, fail to return the results instantly. In clear contrast, we combine the strength of these two lines of existing research, by supporting instant code clone detection. To achieve this goal, we propose scalable indexing structures on vector abstractions of code. Our proposed algorithms allow developers to detect clones of a given code segment among the 1.7 million code segments from 492 open source projects in sub-second response times, without compromising the accuracy obtained by a state-of-the-art tool.
Published in 2010.
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    • ...Our tool can identify relevant code in the corpus of 1.7 million code pieces in a sub-second response time, without compromising any accuracy obtained by a state-of-the-art tool, as we report our extensive evaluation results in [3]...
    • ...Full technical details and extensive evaluation results can be found at [3]...
    • ...For technical details and extensive performance analysis, refer to our technical paper [3]...

    Mu-Woong Leeet al. Integrating code search into the development session

    • ...[22] shows how an index for an instant code clone search can be build in a scalable way in seconds (measured using the JDK) by using AST vectors...

    Philipp Schugerlet al. Reasoning about Global Clones: Scalable Semantic Clone Detection

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