Semantic water data translation: a knowledge-driven approach

Semantic water data translation: a knowledge-driven approach,10.1145/1866480.1866489,Yanfeng Shu,David Ratcliffe,Kerry L. Taylor,Jemma Wu,Ross G. Ackl

Semantic water data translation: a knowledge-driven approach  
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In order for the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM), Australia, to build and maintain an integrated national water information system, over 240 organisations are required to provide their data to BOM. These organisations use a wide range of systems and data formats. To ensure robust and reliable data delivery, BOM has established Water Data Transfer Format (WDTF) as a standard format for data transfer. Meanwhile, the Water Regulations 2008 were enacted to specify the water information required from organisations. This paper analyses semantic gaps between data from organisations, WDTF, and the Regulations requirements, and proposes a knowledge-driven approach in which these gaps are captured in a way that facilitates data translation and validation. Throughout the paper, real data examples are used to illustrate the details of the approach and its feasibility.
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