Obstacle-aware clock-tree shaping during placement

Obstacle-aware clock-tree shaping during placement,10.1145/1960397.1960425,Dong-Jin Lee,Igor L. Markov

Obstacle-aware clock-tree shaping during placement  
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Traditional IC design flows optimize clock networks before signal-net routing and are limited by the quality of register placement. Existing publications also reflect this bias and focus mostly on clock routing. The few known techniques for register placement exhibit significant limitations and do not account for recent progress in large-scale placement and obstacle-aware clock-network synthesis. In this work, we integrate clock network synthesis within global placement by optimizing register locations. We propose the following techniques: (1) obstacle-aware virtual clock-tree synthesis; (2) arboreal clock-net contraction force with virtual-node insertion, which can handle multiple clock domains and gated clocks; (3) an obstacle-avoidance force. Our work is validated on large-size benchmarks with numerous macro blocks. Experimental results show that our software implementation, called Lopper, prunes clock-tree branches to reduce their length by 30.0%~36.6% and average total dynamic power consumption by 6.8%~11.6% ver- sus conventional approaches.
Conference: International Symposium on Physical Design - ISPD , pp. 123-130, 2011
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