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Breath control of amusement rides

Breath control of amusement rides,10.1145/1978942.1978955,Joe Marshall,Duncan Rowland,Stefan Rennick Egglestone,Steve Benford,Brendan Walker,Derek McA

Breath control of amusement rides   (Citations: 1)
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Emerging robotic technologies are enabling the control of individual seats on rollercoasters and other thrill rides. We explore the potential of breathing as an effective and engaging way of driving this. Observations and interviews from trials of an enhanced bucking bronco ride show that breath-control is fun, challenging and intelligible, and reveal riders-x tactics as they battled the machine. We conclude that breath control is feasible and appropriate for controlling rides, unpack its important characteristics, and consider how it might be built into future ride systems. We argue that the combination of voluntary and involuntary factors in breathing is especially appealing for controlling rides as it balances game-like elements of skill and learning against the thrill of surrendering control to the machine.
Conference: Computer Human Interaction - CHI , pp. 73-82, 2011
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