MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC2

MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC2,10.1007/978-3-642-19074-2_15,Jooyoung Lee,Martijn Stam

MJH: A Faster Alternative to MDC2  
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In this paper, we introduce a new class of double-block-length hash functions. In the ideal cipher model (for n-bit blocks), we prove that these hash functions, dubbed MJH, are provably collision resistant up to O(2\frac2n3-</font >logn)O(2^{\frac{2n}{3}-\log n}) queries in the iteration. When based on n-bit key blockciphers, our construction provides better provable security than MDC-2, the only known construction of a rate-1/2 double-length hash function based on an n-bit key blockcipher with non-trivial provable security. Moreover, since key scheduling is performed only once per message block for MJH, our proposal significantly outperforms MDC-2 in efficiency. When based on a 2n-bit key blockcipher, we can use the extra n bits of key to increase the amount of payload accordingly. Thus we get a rate-1 hash function that is much faster than existing proposals, such as Tandem-DM, at the expense of (for the moment) reduced provable security.
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