rt-Inconsistency: A New Property for Real-Time Requirements

rt-Inconsistency: A New Property for Real-Time Requirements,10.1007/978-3-642-19811-3_4,Amalinda Post,Jochen Hoenicke,Andreas Podelski

rt-Inconsistency: A New Property for Real-Time Requirements   (Citations: 1)
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We introduce rt-inconsistency, a property of real-time requirements. The property reflects that the requirements specify apparently inconsistent timing constraints. We present an algorithm to check rt-inconsistency automatically. The algorithm works via a stepwise reduction to real-time model checking. We implement the algorithm using an existing module for the reduction and the Uppaal tool for the real-time model checking. As a case study, we apply our prototype implementation to existing real-time requirements for automotive projects at Bosch. The case study demonstrates the relevance of rt-inconsistency for detecting errors in industrial real-time requirements specifications.
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    • ...A convenient way to obtain a suitable formalization of requirements is to borrow the notation of the Duration Calculus [5], [6], [7]...
    • ...As in [7], we will use phase event automata as a means to define sets of interpretations I (i.e., mappings from time points to valuations of predicates)...
    • ...In [7] we proposed rt-inconsistency, another property to analyze realtime requirements...

    Amalinda Postet al. Vacuous real-time requirements

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