Guided test generation for coverage criteria

Guided test generation for coverage criteria,10.1109/ICSM.2010.5609565,Rahul Pandita,Tao Xie,Nikolai Tillmann,Jonathan de Halleux

Guided test generation for coverage criteria   (Citations: 2)
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Test coverage criteria including boundary-value and logical coverage such as Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) have been increasingly used in safety-critical or mission-critical domains, complementing those more popularly used structural coverage criteria such as block or branch coverage. However, existing automated test-generation approaches often target at block or branch coverage for test generation and selection, and therefore do not support testing against boundary-value coverage or logical coverage. To address this issue, we propose a general approach that uses instrumentation to guide existing test-generation approaches to generate test inputs that achieve boundary-value and logical coverage for the program under test. Our preliminary evaluation shows that our approach effectively helps an approach based on Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE) to improve boundary-value and logical coverage of generated test inputs. The evaluation results show 30.5% maximum (23% average) increase in boundary-value coverage and 26% maximum (21.5% average) increase in logical coverage of the subject programs under test using our approach over without using our approach. In addition, our approach improves the fault-detection capability of generated test inputs by 12.5% maximum (11% average) compared to the test inputs generated without using our approach.
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    • ...To automate the testing process, many automatic test generation techniques such as [7] [5] [6] [9] [10] and [8] have been proposed...
    • ...Dynamic symbolic execution such as [9], [10] and [8], is another automatic test generation technique which generates test inputs by solving static path constraints captured along a dynamic execution path...

    Ning Chen. GATE: game-based testing environment

    • ...We intended to alleviate the issue by demonstratinghow achieving specific logic coverage criteria could be formulated as problems of achieving branch or path coverage with Pex [19]...
    • ...For example, given that a tool could be enhancedor pre-configured(by tool authorsor vendors) to automatically achieve specific advanced coverage criteria [19], we hypothesize that the awareness and deep understanding of advanced coverage criteria could be less necessary in developer-testingpractice...

    Tao Xieet al. Teaching and training developer-testing techniques and tool support

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