The Gossple Anonymous Social Network

The Gossple Anonymous Social Network,10.1007/978-3-642-16955-7_10,Marin Bertier,Davide Frey,Rachid Guerraoui,Anne-Marie Kermarrec,Vincent Leroy

The Gossple Anonymous Social Network   (Citations: 2)
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While social networks provide news from old buddies, you can learn a lot more from people you do not know, but with whom you share many interests. We show in this paper how to build a network of anonymous social acquaintances using a gossip protocol we call Gossple, and how to leverage such a network to enhance navigation within Web 2.0 collaborative applications, à la LastFM and Delicious. Gossple nodes (users) periodically gossip digests of their interest profiles and compute their distances (in terms of interest) with respect to other nodes. This is achieved with little bandwidth and storage, fast convergence, and without revealing which profile is associated with which user. We evaluate Gossple on real traces from various Web 2.0 applications with hundreds of PlanetLab hosts and thousands of simulated nodes.
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