MoDeVVa 2010 Workshop Summary

MoDeVVa 2010 Workshop Summary,10.1007/978-3-642-21210-9_23,Levi Lucio,Elisangela Vieira,Stephan Weißleder

MoDeVVa 2010 Workshop Summary  
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The MoDeVVa workshop series is focused on Model-Driven Engineering, Verification, and Validation. Models are purposeful abstractions. They are used to support the focus on the important aspects and to make complex systems easy to understand. Beyond their use as documentation, models can also be used for automatic transformation or code generation. For this, a formal foundation of models with fixed semantics is necessary. One typical application is the automatic generation of large parts of system source code. The automation can result in a decrease of system engineering costs. Thus, the usage of models, model transformations, and code generation is becoming more and more important for industrial applications. As one of the most important representatives for the application of models, Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) is a development methodology that is based on models, meta models, and model transformations. There is already a lot of tool support for models, (domain-specific) modeling languages, model transformations, and code generation. The constant pace at which scientific and industrial development of MDE-related techniques moves forward shows that MDE is quickly changing and that new approaches and corresponding issues arise frequently. Most important, there is a crucial need for verification and validation (V&V) techniques in the context of MDE. Likewise, V&V is very important in many domains (e.g., automotive or avionics) and the use of MDE techniques in the context of V&V is an interesting topic. One prominent representative of this approach is model-based testing (MBT).
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