A demonstration of PyViz, a flexible smart home visualization tool

A demonstration of PyViz, a flexible smart home visualization tool,10.1109/PERCOMW.2011.5766889,Brian L. Thomas,Aaron S. Crandall

A demonstration of PyViz, a flexible smart home visualization tool   (Citations: 1)
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As smart home technologies are deployed in re- search and real world environments, there is continuing need for quality visualization. These data come from a variety of sensor sources, artificial intelligence algorithms and human feedback. Building tools that are easily configured, rapidly developed and capable of communicating with both real time and historical data is ever challenging. This work introduces PyViz, a smart home-focused, middle- ware enabled, interactive interface. PyViz is the result of several years of testing and development in a large smart home re- search project. During its development, issues of configuration, ease of use and adaptability have been explored and overcome. The demonstration of this tool hopes to enlighten the audience about the facets of user interfaces, network agents and smart home complexity.
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    • ...To meet the first requirement, PyViz [4] has been developed to provide a user-friendly, rapidly deployable method for data visualization in the Center for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems (CASAS) [5] at Washington State University . In view of all three requirements, we extent Pyviz tool to develop a webbased visualization system, called CASASviz, to represent and explore residents’ behavior patterns...

    Chao Chenet al. CASASviz: Web-based visualization of behavior patterns in smart enviro...

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