Data Deduplication System for Supporting Multimode

Data Deduplication System for Supporting Multimode,10.1007/978-3-642-20039-7_8,Ho Min Jung,Won Vien Park,Wan Yeon Lee,Jeong-Gun Lee,Young Woong Ko

Data Deduplication System for Supporting Multimode  
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The implementation approaches of data deduplication system divide into several modes including SBA(source-based approach), ILA(in-line approach) and PPA(post-process approach). Currently, most commercial systems are implemented and operated in an ILA and PPA approach, and some researchers have focused on the SBA approach. As data deduplication systems are widely used, to choose an appropriate mode considering operation environment becomes more and more important than ever. Because the overhead of each mode and resource usage wasn’t fully studied, in some operating environments, the deduplication mode can lead to inefficiency and poor performance. In this study, we propose a data deduplication system supporting multi-mode. The proposed system can be operated in a mode that a user specifies during system operation, therefore, this system can be dynamically adjusted under consideration of system characteristics. In this paper, we operate the proposed system with the SBA, ILA and PPA mode, respectively, and we present the measurement results with a comparative analysis of the mode-specific performance and overhead.
Published in 2011.
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