Smart Decision Infrastructure: Architecture Discussion

Smart Decision Infrastructure: Architecture Discussion,10.1080/01969722.2011.541214,Cybernetics and Systems,Giovanni Gómez Zuluaga,Cesar Sanín,Edward

Smart Decision Infrastructure: Architecture Discussion   (Citations: 1)
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Organizations develop a growth strategy of their informational and decisional platform based on certain key drivers. This determines business plans and their future informational and analytical capacity. However, each solution has a different deployment depending upon the selected architecture and the management model. In the specific case of business intelligence (BI) infrastructures, this should be decided according to the speed of the decision-making processes, which are usually executed in real time. Therefore, they determine the flexibility rate at which the business can grow. Businesses grow but the key drivers can remain the same. This article analyzes the elements required for an optimal deployment of smart decision architectures.
Journal: Cybernetics and Systems , vol. 42, no. 2, pp. 139-155, 2011
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