Identity matching using personal and social identity features

Identity matching using personal and social identity features,10.1007/s10796-010-9270-0,Information Systems Frontiers,Jiexun Li,G. Alan Wang,Hsinchun

Identity matching using personal and social identity features   (Citations: 1)
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Identity verification is essential in our mission to identify potential terrorists and criminals. It is not a trivial task because terrorists reportedly assume multiple identities using either fraudulent or legitimate means. A national identification card and biometrics technologies have been proposed as solutions to the identity problem. However, several studies show their inability to tackle the complex problem. We aim to develop data mining alternatives that can match identities referring to the same individual. Existing identity matching techniques based on data mining primarily rely on personal identity features. In this research, we propose a new identity matching technique that considers both personal identity features and social identity features. We define two groups of social identity features including social activities and social relations. The proposed technique is built upon a probabilistic relational model that utilizes a relational database structure to extract social identity features. Experiments show that the social activity features significantly improve the matching performance while the social relation features effectively reduce false positive and false negative decisions.
Journal: Information Systems Frontiers - ISF , vol. 13, no. 1, pp. 101-113, 2011
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    • ...“Identity Matching Using Personal and Social Identity Features” by Li et al. 2011 describes a new identify matching technique that takes both personal identity features and social identity features into consideration using a probabilistic relational model to extract social identity features for identity matching...

    Hsinchun Chenet al. Introduction to special issue on terrorism informatics

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