Example-based video remixing

Example-based video remixing,10.1007/s11042-010-0633-9,Multimedia Tools and Applications,Naoko Nitta,Noboru Babaguchi

Example-based video remixing   (Citations: 1)
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A video remix is generally created by arranging selected video clips and combining them with other media streams such as audio clips and video transition effects. This paper proposes a system for semi-automatically creating video remixes of good expressive quality. Given multiple original video clips, audio clips, and transition effects as the input, the proposed system generates a video remix by five processes: I) video clip sequence generation, II) audio clip selection, III) audio boundary extraction, IV) video segment extraction, and V) transition effect selection, based on the spatial and temporal structural patterns automatically learned from professionally created video remix examples. Experiments using movie trailers of action genre as video remix examples not only demonstrate that video remixing by professionals can be imitated based on examples but also reveal that the video clip sequence generation and audio clip selection are the most important processes to improve the perceived expressive quality of video remixes.
Journal: Multimedia Tools and Applications - MTA , vol. 51, no. 2, pp. 649-673, 2011
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    • ...coincide with each other [4, 5, 6]. While these work have used heuristic rules in selecting video clips and synthesizing them with audio clips, Nitta et al. [7] have proposed an example-based approach which creates video remixes based on the structural patterns of video and audio clips automatically learned from professionally created video remix examples...
    • ...Generation especially when using home videos for V .T he details of other processes can be referred to [7]...
    • ...Consequently, EV h,i and Vm are represented by the symbol Q seg h,i and Q segm , respectively [7]...

    Naoko Nittaet al. Example-based video remixing for home videos

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