How to Get the Recommender Out of the Lab?

How to Get the Recommender Out of the Lab?,10.1007/978-0-387-85820-3_10,Jérome Picault,Myriam Ribière,David Bonnefoy,Kevin Mercer

How to Get the Recommender Out of the Lab?  
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A personalised system is a complex system made of many interacting parts, from data ingestion to presenting the results to the users. A plethora of methods, tools, algorithms and approaches exist for each piece of such a system: many data and metadata processing methods, many user models, many filtering techniques, many accuracy metrics, many personalisation levels. In addition, a realworld recommender is a piece of an even larger and more complex environment on which there is little control: often the recommender is part of a larger application introducing constraints for the design of the recommender, e.g. the data may not be in a suitable format, or the environment may impose some architectural or privacy constraints. This can make the task of building such a recommender system daunting, and it is easy to make errors. Based on the experience of the authors and the study of other works, this chapter intends to be a guide on the design, implementation and evaluation of personalised systems. It presents the different aspects that must be studied before the design is even started, and how to avoid pitfalls, in a hands-on approach. The chapter presents the main factors to take into account to design a recommender system, and illustrates them through case studies of existing systems to help navigate in the many and complex choices that have to be faced.
Published in 2011.
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