Types and distribution of silver ore deposits in China

Types and distribution of silver ore deposits in China,10.1007/BF02421573,Mineralium Deposita,C. Y. Wu,G. Bai,L. M. Xu

Types and distribution of silver ore deposits in China   (Citations: 4)
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Silver is generally recovered as a by- and co-product along with Au, Pb, Zn, Cu, Sb, Bi, Hg, Sn and W from polymetallic and gold mines in China. Chinese silver deposits can be classified into five principal types according to host rocks. These types and their host rocks are: (1) marine volcanic-sedimentary rocks hosting (la) massive sulfide Pb-Zn-(Cu)-Ag ores and (1b) stratiform Ag-(Au) ores; (2) continental volcanic-sedimentary rocks containing (2a) various polymetallic-silver veins and/or stockworks, and (2b) Ag-(Au) veins in pyroclastic rocks; (3) rocks affected by metasomatic processes including (3a) complex Sn-polymetallic-Ag ores, (3b) Pb-Zn-(Cu)-Ag skarns, (3c) associated W-Ag quartz veins and/or skarns, and (3d) Ag-(Au) zones and veins in altered carbonate rocks; (4) metamorphic-intrusive rocks, principally Ag-(Au) veins in sheared and brecciated metamorphic rocks; and (5) sedimentary rocks including (5a) stratiform Pb-Zn-Ag ores in carbonate rocks, (5b) Ag-V mantos in black shales, and (5c) Cu-(Ag) layers in red sandstones. A sixth grouping includes gossans. The tectonic settings, geological features, and temporal and spatial distribution of these different types of silver occurrences indicate that silver mineralization reflects to a great extent the evolution of tectonic environments in China throughout geological time. Type 1 is generally developed in association with several fold belts from the Caledonian to Yanshanian orogens, while types 2, 3 and 4 correlate with rejuvenation of the eastern China continent during the Mesozoic period. The three subgroups of type 5 are recognized in different stages and various sedimentry and diagenetic environments during the development of paraplatforms and fold belts. Type 6 results from recent weathering of existing sulfide ores or protores.
Journal: Mineralium Deposita - MINER DEPOS , vol. 28, no. 4, pp. 223-239, 1993
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