RFLP tagging of a gene for aroma in rice

RFLP tagging of a gene for aroma in rice,10.1007/BF00227391,Theoretical and Applied Genetics,S. N. Ahn,C. N. Bollich,S. D. Tanksley

RFLP tagging of a gene for aroma in rice   (Citations: 31)
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We report here the identification of a DNA marker closely linked to a gene for aroma in rice. The DNA marker was identified by testing 126 mapped rice genomic, cDNA, and oat cDNA, clones as hybridization probes against Southern blots, consisting of DNA from a pair of nearly isogenic lines (NILs) with or without the aroma gene. Chromosomal segments introgressed from the donor genome were distinguished by RFLPs between the NILs. Linkage association of the clone with the gene was verified using an F3 segregating for aroma. Cosegregation of the scented phenotype and donor-derived allele indicated the presence of linkage between the DNA marker and the gene. RFLP analysis showed that the gene is linked to a single-copy DNA clone, RG28, on chromosome 8, at a distance of 4.5 cM. The availability of a linked DNA marker may facilitate early selection for the aroma gene in rice breeding programs.
Journal: Theoretical and Applied Genetics - THEOR APPL GENET , vol. 84, no. 7, pp. 825-828, 1992
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