Sub specie universitatis

Sub specie universitatis,10.1007/s11245-006-0001-6,Topoi-an International Review of Philosophy,Etienne Balibar

Sub specie universitatis  
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As a contribution to the debate on the future of philosophy as an autonomous discipline beyond its current function within Western-type universities, a comparison is offered between three diverging strategies of “speaking the universal” which keep their relevance today; the “Double Truth” strategy for secular tolerance, illustrated by Spinoza and Wittgenstein; the construction of the universal as “hegemony,” analyzed by Hegel and Marx in terms of collective consciousnesses or ideologies; and the program of generalized translation as it emerges from the critique of traditional “paradoxes of the untranslatable” in the works of contemporary socio-linguists and pragmatic philosophers. The conclusion remains an open questioning on the equivocity of the universal.
Journal: Topoi-an International Review of Philosophy , vol. 25, no. 1, pp. 3-16, 2006
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