Effects of Extruded Sugar Bagasse Blend on Yogurt Quality

Effects of Extruded Sugar Bagasse Blend on Yogurt Quality,10.1007/s11947-010-0393-6,Food and Bioprocess Technology,I. Verdalet-Guzmán,R. Viveros-Contr

Effects of Extruded Sugar Bagasse Blend on Yogurt Quality   (Citations: 1)
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Extruded blends (EB) of whey protein concentrate 35 (WPC 35)–corn starch–sugarcane bagasse with 0%, 25%, and 50% substituted yogurt formulations were evaluated for some functional characteristics. Yogurts substituted with EB showed higher viscosity and lower syneresis index than that without EB. During storage for 48 h, the syneresis values of yogurt with and without EB decreased. The pH values and color differences (ΔE) decreased slightly in the yogurts formulated with EB. However, the color differences were not statistically significant (p > 0.05) and were also acceptable to the judges. In general, yogurts substituted with EB at different levels had sensory attributes of taste, acidity, texture, and viscosity scores similar to those observed for yogurt with no EB. Scores of yogurts were not affected significantly with substitution of EB at all the levels.
Journal: Food and Bioprocess Technology - FOOD BIOPROCESS TECHNOL , vol. 4, no. 1, pp. 155-160, 2011
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    • ... the biochemistry and structure, rheology and texture, and a great number of parameters which synergistically act on the overall quality of yogurt (starter cultures, protein fortifiers, fat and fat replacers, hydrocolloids, homogenization and heat treatment, incubation conditions, post-incubation handling and storage conditions, etc.) have been studied extensively (Lee and Lucey 2004; Soukoulis et al. 2007 ;R emeuf et al.2003; Verdalet-Guzman ...

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