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The Proboscidea (Mammalia) from the Miocene of Sandelzhausen (southern Germany)

The Proboscidea (Mammalia) from the Miocene of Sandelzhausen (southern Germany),10.1007/s12542-010-0053-1,Palaeontologische Zeitschrift,Ursula B. Göhl

The Proboscidea (Mammalia) from the Miocene of Sandelzhausen (southern Germany)  
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Presented here is the complete proboscidean assemblage from the vertebrate locality of Sandelzhausen (southern Germany), dated to the Early/Middle Miocene boundary, early middle MN5. The material is preserved as mostly isolated and disarticulated remains and is composed of about 200 dental remains (cheek teeth and tusks), cranial fragments, and postcrania. The main part of this assemblage is identified as belonging to Gomphotherium subtapiroideum (Schlesinger, 1917), and a few specimens are attributed to Zygolophodon turicensis (Schinz, 1824). Remarkable is the high percentage of remains of young individuals in this proboscidean assemblage and the lack of Prodeinotherium Éhik, 1930. The rich material of G. subtapiroideum enables the description of some tooth positions not known before for this taxon. Furthermore, morphological and metrical comparisons with material of more or less contemporaneous taxa from other European localities are provided, especially G. angustidens (Cuvier, 1817), G. sylvaticum Tassy, 1985, and “Trilophodon” ratisbonensis Rinnert, 1956.
Journal: Palaeontologische Zeitschrift - PALAEONT Z , vol. 84, no. 1, pp. 163-204, 2010
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