Vitrification of the oocytes and embryos of domestic animals

Vitrification of the oocytes and embryos of domestic animals,10.1016/S0378-4320(00)00097-X,Animal Reproduction Science,Gábor Vajta

Vitrification of the oocytes and embryos of domestic animals   (Citations: 75)
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After the first successful application of vitrification for embryo cryopreservation 15 years ago, a rapid application of the method in domestic animal embryology was presumed. However, although the advantages of vitrification (simplicity, cost efficiency, speed of the procedure) were widely acknowledged, its use has been mainly restricted to experimental studies. For commercial embryo transfer purposes, the traditional slow-rate or equilibrium freezing has been used. This review attempts to explain the reasons for this phenomenon and discusses the theoretical and practical differences between the two technologies as well as their commercial prospects. Recent developments that improve the efficiency of vitrification and applications to other reproductive technologies are also summarized. These advances may result in considerable advantage and could lead to widespread application of vitrification in certain areas of domestic animal embryology.
Journal: Animal Reproduction Science - ANIM REPROD SCI , vol. 60, no. 1-3, pp. 357-364, 2000
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