Using User's Context for IR Personalization

Using User's Context for IR Personalization,N. J. Belkin,G. Muresan,X.-M. Zhang

Using User's Context for IR Personalization   (Citations: 8)
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We believe that knowledge of the user's context is vital to personalizing information retrieval (IR) interaction, and furthermore, that such knowledge is best obtained through implicit sources of evidence, e. g. inferences made on the basis of the user's past or current behaviors. We further believe that it is now well past time to test whether such knowledge really does affect the interactive IR experience. Some contextual factors that have been suggested as being important to consider in improving IR performance, by us and others, include: 路 searcher's familiarity with or knowledge of the topic; 路 searcher's experience of searching for information; 路 documents which the searcher has previous ly found (un)useful; 路 genre of desired documents; 路 purpose of the search (use to which retrieved documents would be put); 路 task which led the searcher to information seeking; 路 what else the user is doing at the time of information seeking. In order to test our ideas about what aspects of a user's context might be important in this sense, and how knowledge of these characteristics could be utilized to affect various IR techniques, our group at Rutgers University participates in the TREC HARD track. Here, we present an overview of the general HARD approach, our position on how this issue should be addressed, and how we have attempted, and are attempting to implement such knowledge. 2 THE HARD TRACK
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