Plane-strain bulge test for nanocrystalline copper thin films

Plane-strain bulge test for nanocrystalline copper thin films,10.1016/j.scriptamat.2007.05.012,Scripta Materialia,Xiaoding Wei,Dongyun Lee,Sanghoon Sh

Plane-strain bulge test for nanocrystalline copper thin films   (Citations: 3)
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Free-standing nanocrystalline Cu films with grain size around 39 nm are fabricated by thermal evaporation and characterized by the plane-strain bulge test. Young's modulus and yield stress at a 0.2% offset are about 110-130 GPa and 400 MPa, respectively. Results show that the strength of the n-Cu films is largely independent of film thickness at a strain rate less than 10 s¹. No grain growth is observed and the predominant plastic deformation mechanism is grain boundary sliding accompanied by dislocation mechanisms.
Journal: Scripta Materialia - SCRIPTA MATER , vol. 57, no. 6, pp. 541-544, 2007
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